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      About MONDEWAY®

      You've found the ideal place for any homeowner who is considering renovations, designing a bathroom for a new home build or simply needs high-quality shower drains and shower accessories. We believe that we have one of the most high-quality, well-constructed and wide-ranging selections of bathroom accessories in all of mondeway world, and you're welcome to browse our online gallery to see for yourself. When you visit us, you'll also be able to talk with our team about your particular requirements. We love to talk with our customers and help them to decide on a solution that will see all of their needs met satisfactorily.


      special drains

      MONDEWAY? drain works innovation for new ideas, excellent deisgn, special and beautiful, they
      are becoming more and more fashion in the nearly future.

      Why better to choose MONDEWAY®

      Looking forward to the long-term business relationships with you.

      • 01Experience on desgining?linear shower drain Since year 2005,
        and start mass production from 2009.
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      • 02100% tested in factory and assure raw materials are real SS304
        or SS316.
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      • 03Professional R&D group to offer OEM&ODM service.
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      • 04Professional Sales Team to offer best service to customers,
        make our cooperation easy and confortable.
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      • 05Organized and specialized manufacturer to focus on producing
        high quality products.
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      • 06Our concept of cooperation is?service first, customer always foremost?,
        no best service from us, but always better than before.
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      • 07Fast reply for your questions.
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      • 08We got patents in China to protect our right.
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      • 09We got CE certificate from?Intertek?with standard EN1253-1:2015(latest).
        WATERMARK. ICCES American approved.
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      • 10We promise?15 years?quality warranty for shower drain.
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      • 11We do 100% leaking test for our drains in orde to be sure
        all of them are perfect on welding.
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      • 12Each product will be inspected before packing.
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      • 13We never stop improving on our design and developing new items,
        you can get newest design and samples from us and don't need to pay for anything.
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      • 14Gold supplier on alibaba for many years, we are looking
        for grade A customer.
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      • 15Trade assurance order on alibaba is acceptable.
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      • 16Fast delivery,?large quantity in stock, sample orders will be ready
        in 24 hours, and normal orders will be in 1 to 5 weeks.
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      • 17All the material of plastic or rubber accessories is?environmental
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      Spreading over 60 contries around the world

      more and more people prefer to use Mondeway? products.
      We focus on making our daily life more comfortable,easy and safe.

      Cooperative business

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      operating hours

      Monday to Sunday

      8:00 - 18:00

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